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Wedding Mandap

The mandap symbolizes the happy entrance to the sacred temple. We are honoured to be a part of this wonderful tradition.

The mandap can be as colourful and vibrant, or as simple as you like depending on your taste and wedding theme.

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*does not include acrylic mandap

10 x 10 Mandap with Draping
8 piece Furniture Set
Flower Strings
Ganesha Silhouette
Delivered and Installed in the GTA

Fresh Flowers Starting at $350
Artificial Flowers Starting at $250
Personal Garlands Starting at $150
Flower Strings Starting at $20

* some restrictions apply

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How A Rental With Works

1. Review Mandap photos

2. You have the choice between Birch, Cedar and Maple Frames.

3. Choose your draping style from any photo, all styles are mix and match. For example you love the birch frame but you saw a drape style on the cedar - no problem!

4. Consider whether you want a full service rental where we setup and take down, or if you prefer a DIY setup where you are handling all the delivery and setup yourself.

5. Consider whether you want accessories like a furniture set, flowers, a carpet or a Ganesha backdrop

6. Send us a Contact Us form with as much detail as you can for a customized quote. You are welcome to send us inspiration photos from other sources as well.

Phone: 416-428-7336