Mandap and decor pricing
Mandap rentals and decor

Fresh Flowers has floral teams available to you to create fresh and artificial creations of all kinds. Floral prices can range quite dramatically depending on seasonality, type of floral and work involved. Please send in your inspiration pictures to start a floral quote.
Personal Garlands
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Personal Garlands

Fresh floral garlands in the colour of choice for your ceremony.

Starting at $150.00 each with Mandap Rental

*Example photo attached is roses which are at the higher end at $250 each
Pre-Made Arrangements - Artificial Flowers
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Mixed Blush & Pinks & Whites and Greenery

1 piece - 10 feet in 3 sections

$250 with Mandap Rental
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White Wisteria

Loose pieces

$250 with Mandap Rental
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Off White Real Touch Orchid Arrangement

$150 with Mandap Rental
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Mandap Decor
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Gold Ganesha Mandap Backdrop

1 piece - 2ft tall

$150 each with Mandap Rental
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2 larger - 21 inches tall
4 smaller - 13 inches tall

$35 for 6 piece rental

Only available with Mandap rental
Gold Pillars
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2 Gold Pillars - for flowers and other ceremony decor

3.5 feet tall

$45 for 2

Only available with Mandap Rental