Mandap rentals in Toronto

I have draping I want to use. Can you use my material?

We can design your Mandap with materials you provide including Saris and other pieces of material you already own. We will work with you to ensure the size is right and the final result will be exactly what you envisioned.

I have a picture of what I want. Can you do that?

We love new designs and new ideas. Send us your picture and what you want. We will reply with a quote.

Why do I need to call before I pay?

We have several Mandap designs but the orders are on first come first served basis. Please talk to us before you book to avoid disappointment.

When do you set up the Mandap if my ceremony is at 5:00 PM ?

We try to set up the mandap about an hour before the guests arrive. If your wedding is at 5:00 PM, most chances the guests arrive at 4:00 PM. We will be on location at 3:00 PM the latest to set it up. If you want us to come earlier or a day before, additional fees apply.
We may need to come earlier if we have multiple weddings on the same day at the same time.

Can you set up my Mandap in Niagra Falls?

We have no problems setting up the Mandap wherever you need. Setting up a Mandap outside of the GTA borders involves an additional fee to cover time and fuel. Please inquire directly with Susan or Itay to get a quote.

I love what you have but I have something else in mind. Can you do it?

Great question!
Many of our designs were a result of custom requests. If you have an idea, we can make it for you.
We will charge you the custom design fee when quoting on the rental.
If you are interested in custom draping we will source that for you and charge you what it cost us to purchase it with no extra fees. If you have materials you would like used for draping there are no fees for us to install it - just check with us on size.

What do I need insurance for?

When you rent the Mandap and install it yourself, you will need to drop us a post dated cheque for $500. You will get this cheque back once you return the Mandap. If you lose an item or damaged one, we will use this deposit to fix or replace the damages and refund you the rest. The insurance covers for damages but not lost items.

What is the difference in hours for 'Set it up and take it away'?

If you choose us to set it up for you and take it away, the charge will be for our time, driving to the venue, installing the Mandap before the guests arrive, waiting for the ceremony to finish (or the wedding) and then take it apart and drive back. Setup fees starting at $180 will apply (4-hr rental). Over 4-hours additional charges apply so you will need to discuss options with us ahead of time.

How can I transport the Mandap to my site?

If you decide to set the Mandap yourself, you will need at least a mini-van or small SUV to transport the posts.

Can I set it up myself? Is it difficult?

Each of our Mandaps are designed for self installation. You can set up the material as you like and add accents.
Please allow yourself at least an hour to install and be prepared to have at least 1 other person helping you.

When should I order?

We recommend to order as soon as possible.
We work on first come, first served basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Pay Pal (credit card) and cash.
If you book online you can pay via Pay Pal.
Our cash discount is always a winner - if you pay cash we pay the taxes!

When do you take the Mandap away?

For most weddings, the Mandap needs to be removed after the ceremony because you’ll need the space for dancing or extra tables.
The guests will leave to another room or enjoy cocktails after the ceremony and we use this time (10 min.) to take it apart the mandap.
We work with your event planner or the venue to make sure your plan goes 100% smoothly.

How long does it take to take the Mandap apart?

Take down should not take more then 10 minutes.

How long does it take to set up the Mandap?

The usual set up takes between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your specific request.